Mum Of 2 Autistic Kids Employs Special Needs Staff At Chatime Branch To End Stigma & Raise Awareness

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Neuroatypical individuals face struggles incomprehensible to the rest of the society, and one common issue is landing a decent job. In fact, a report by NST expressed that career options for people with autism remain limited in South East Asia, particularly in Malaysia.

A policy paper published by the Institute of Democracy and Economic Affairs (IDEAS) also insisted that there is a need for more training and job opportunities for people with autism here.

Dr Wan Azliza (right) pictured with Ceddy.

Dr Wan Himratul Azliza Binti Wan Harun, a doctor at Thomson Hospital whose expertise is Internal Medicine, has made a commendable initiative to lessen this particular burden for local autistic folks by employing them at a Chatime branch located within the hospital.

As the mother of 2 autistic children herself, Dr Wan told food vlogger and BFM host Ceddy that she hopes her effort helps raise awareness on autism.

Dr Wan’s daughter, Sophea, faced a near-death situation when she contracted Covid-19 recently and when asked what her final wish would be, she stated that she would like to meet Ceddy as his videos made her “saliva explode in her mouth”.

Ceddy explained in a tweet that he was extremely flattered by the matter and meeting Sophea proved to be an emotional affair for him. He also mentioned that Sophea is doing better now but is unable to swim, climb stairs or partake in sports for the next 6 months.

“When you hire autistic workers, they’re the best. Recipes are followed efficiently, they make sure the measurements are accurate and always on time. The sad thing is they are always misunderstood,” Dr Wan said, as tweeted by Ceddy.

The vlogger also mentioned that before Dr Wan communicated her heartwarming plan to Chatime, another boba tea company declined her business proposal and they did not believe it could sustain if she hired special needs workers.

He told the public not to dwell on the unsupportive companies and instead push forward and continue educating the public on neurodiversity.

In response to Ceddy’s touching Twitter thread, several netizens published replies narrating their own tales of how they witnessed the wonders of special needs folks who were more than capable of carrying out daily tasks.

Some even mentioned that hiring this specific minority may be challenging but is rewarding all in all. The Twitter user clarified that in her experience working alongside 3 deaf and mute staff members, she noticed that they were especially empathetic, focused and loyal.

Lastly, Ceddy thanked netizens for sharing their stories with him and noted that he believed the country was headed towards the right path in ending misjudgments against the autistic society.

The tear-jerking instance has earned over 1,000 retweets and national attention, as well as a short reply from Muar MP Syed Saddiq who sent his love in the form of three heart emojis in response to one of the tweets.