“No Need For A Lover”, Student Books Entire Cinema Hall Worth RM1600 For Movie Date With Her BFF

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Ariana (left) and her best friend Sazliana. (source: TikTok)

Stuck in a rut trying to decide how to show your bestie you appreciate their everlasting companionship? How about booking a whole cinema hall for the two of you to enjoy a movie together?

That’s exactly what college student Ariana Naqma Saharuddin did. This kind gal explained in a now-viral TikTok that she had purchased all 70 tickets to the 90-seat capacity hall in Johor Baru to watch Top Gun: Maverick as a surprise for her best friend, Sazliana.

Check out the heartwarming vid she posted on Tuesday (May 31):

@ariannanaqmaTop Gun was AMAZING ❤️‍🔥♬ original sound – Ariana Naqma

“The hall has 90 seats and I bought 70 of them, leaving two rows in the front because I don’t think anyone would want to buy tickets and sit there.

“It cost me RM1,600 and I bought the tickets online,” said the 19-year-old matriculation student when approached by mStar.

Ariana explained that she made the decision to surprise her friend because she wished to cheer Sazliana up after a breakup, and she was also ecstatic to see the new action film starring Tom Cruise, which was released just last week.

source: Pinterest

“I wanted to lift her spirits because she had just broken up with her boyfriend. She also mentioned that she would like to watch a movie alone in the hall.

“There was no need for a lover when she could watch it with me,” she added.

Ariana has been an active social media influencer, conducting product reviews for a living.

She has written testimonials for a variety of products, including skincare, food, and clothing.

“I made more money this month because my views increased. As a result, I decided to treat my family as well as my best friend,” she explained, adding that she has known Sazliana since Form One.

Some presumed it was a waste of money or deemed the act extra, but Ariana said that valued her friendship with Sazliana more than anything.

“RM1,600 is practically nothing in comparison to the value of our friendship. She has been of tremendous help to me throughout my life, and she was there for me when I was at my lowest point, “Ariana elaborated.

Netizens flooded the comment section with disbelief and lighthearted envy, saying that they would have teared up had they been in Sazliana’s place.

Others wished her well for her unbelievably selfless gesture.

Inevitably, some TikTokers also chose to ridicule the entire concept of it, claiming that Ariana will be backstabbed someday despite her efforts…

To which she sarcastically responded with this clip:

@ariannanaqma Reply to @danieliarnya ♬ original sound – Ariana Naqma

All we have to say is, bestie goals!