This Alor Setar Nurse Started A ‘Mobile Pet Truck’ To Help Pet Owners In His City

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( Source : Borak Daily)

Ice cream trucks have always brought joy to everyone, however, just imagine, instead of a truck that tends to your cravings, it caters to the needs of your Si Comel. The mobile pet truck owned by Muhammad Aswad Zakria, 27, does exactly that.

Muhammad Aswad, who works as a nurse at a local hospital in Alor Setar, still makes time to run his side hustle despite his busy schedule. Operating from a one-tonne truck, his mobile pet truck is a one-stop mobile centre that supplies a wide choice of pet food and essentials especially for cats. At the same time, it also offers transportation services for customers who want to send their pets to veterinary clinics for treatments and checkups.

( Source : Borak Daily)

According to Borak Daily, Muhammad Aswad got the idea to start this business after cat owners had voiced out that it was difficult to get the necessities for their cats. Before that, he had also provided services to deliver and sell cat necessities to customers, but he realised that customers prefer to choose their own brands.

Muhammad Aswad said that a total of RM35,000 was allocated to modify the truck into a pet mobile, and ever since it went into business on 1 July, it has received an overwhelming amount of good feedback from customers.

Besides waiting for calls from customers, the mobile pet truck operates daily from 10am to 7pm at public locations such as recreational parks. At this point, Muhammad Aswad operates only one truck to meet the demands of customers around the city though he has plans to expand to other areas and states in the future.

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