Don’t Know What to Wear for Good Vibes Fest? Here are some Outfit Ideas from Stranger Things

Stranger Things

We know some of y’all don’t have an outfit ready for Good Vibes Festival this weekend. Don’t worry, we got you covered. In case you didn’t know, Netflix has teamed up with Good Vibes this year to bring some ‘Stranger Vibes’ to the fest.

Rather than fussing about the setlist for GVF, we binged Stranger Things 3 in one sitting and re-watched the previous two seasons just for fun. But that binge session wasn’t for nothing, we got some outfit ideas thanks to the cool aesthetics of the show and characters.

If you’re like us and need some ideas for this coming weekend, take some fashion advice from Eleven and the gang…

#1 The Boys of Good Vibes

source: Netflix/ Stranger Things

Who knew casual Jim would look so adorable and be a cool fit? We know that 90% of you guys are going to rock an island shirt, but don’t wear sweatpants with it. Jesus. Rock it like Jim – nice soft colours with the sleeves rolled up, tucked in a nice cut jeans and some hard boots. Bonus points if you ‘stache it out.

source: Aloha Fun Wear, John Lewis, Shiekh (edited by JUICE)

What you need:
– Pattern shirt
– Slim fit jeans
– Black boots
– Coffee and contemplation

#2 What’s your Edge? Is it Eleven

source: Teen Vogue

Throwback to season 2 when El was us at 15 years old–getting angry at our parents while listening to Simple Plan’s ‘Perfect’. El has evolved so much from S1 to S3 and we’re living for her new look in S3, which is an iconic Eleven look. If you want to stand out in a crowd of colours, black is the way to go.

source: Fred Perry, Pinterest, Flipkart (edited by JUICE)

What you need:
– Black Polo tee
– Oversized black denim jacket
– Seasoned mom jeans
– High top sneakers
– Black eyeliner
– Psychic powers

#3 The Geek’s Mix and Match

source: Netflix/ Stranger Things

Who doesn’t love Dustin? He’s smart, funny, practical and someone that you’d wanna hang with (look at Steve and Dustin). Although he doesn’t try hard, he definitely has a unique style compared to his friends. Dustin dresses up exactly like the e-boys you’re thirsty for. If you’re going for the Henderson look, just mix and match whatever you can find.

source: Alibaba,, Surfing Cowboys, LLBean, Rakuten (edited by JUICE)

What you need:
– Classic 80s pop culture tee
– Corduroy pants
– Trucker hat
– Utility vest
– Classic sneakers
– An alien dog

#4 Maxing it out with a simple look

source: Netflix/ Stranger Things

Don’t call her Maxine, no one calls her that. Max, the arcade queen and skater grrrl has become a fan favourite since her debut last season. She’s super cool and has taste in fashion and friends. If El can listen to Max for fashion advice, you should too.

source: Pinterest (edited by JUICE)

What you need:
– Striped tee
– Denim shorts
– High top sneakers
– High striped baseball socks
– Funky sunglasses
– A bitchin’ attitude

#5 Robin, the Girl Wonder

source: Netflix/ Stranger Things

Spoiler for Stranger Things 3 below! Robin is the newest addition to our favourite crew and a cool one too. Although she’s almost always in her sailor outfit in S3, her casual look at the end is simple, chic and cool. Just ask your mom about this style, she probably rocked something like this back then.


source: Pinterest,, Cheap Fine Jewelry Online, sognomoltobello (edited by SAYS)

What you need:
– Jersey tee
– Mom jeans
– High top sneakers
– Beads necklace
– A girlfriend

Us looking for beer at GVF. source: Netflix/ weheartit

These outfits are simple, easy to find. You can get almost everything on this list at a thrift shop. If you feel like it’s missing your flair, add something else to make the look your own.

You can’t really go wrong with ’80s fashion as long as you know how to rock it. If you still don’t know what to wear, check out Stranger Things‘ Millie Bobby Brown’s approved style:

Oh, and before you head to Good Vibes Festival this weekend in Genting, make sure you catch up on Stranger Things 3 exclusively on Netflix and look out… ’cause strange things are about to happen at Good Vibes Festival this weekend.

Listen to GVF 19 playlist before you party at the festival. We’ll see you in the Upside Down.