WATCH: Stranger Things ‘Pool Daddy’ Dacre Montgomery Says “Leklu, Malaysia”

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4th of July is just like any other day for us Malaysians, but this year, most of us will be spending our day indoors with Stranger Things season 3 and – spoiler alert – you’ll be making the right choice. From the local screening’s amazing feedback on 1st July to the unbelievable local twitter comments that captured the excitement for this season, you can tell Malaysians are itching to binge-watch Stranger Things today!

Our fan love is so strong that it has reached some of the Stranger Things cast who have caught some semangat Malaysia. We’re talking about none other than Stranger Things heart-throb Dacre Montgomery who recently sat down to suss out some of our local slang.

Check him out in this hot new video by clicking here. We’re also going WALAO!

Billy Hargrove who is played by Australian actor – Dacre Montgomery, didn’t make any friends last season and although most of us know how big of an asshole his character is, fans can’t deny that he is freaking hot! There’s a reason why he is dubbed as the ‘Pool Daddy’, ladies…

As for the newest season, here’s a hint: Billy may have always been a bad dude, but his evil antics may kick into overdrive this season.

Before you Netflix and chill, be sure you’re up to date and remember all the important moments on the show too! Take a look at Stranger Things season 3 trailer, below:

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