Humanlike Doll with ‘Kerajaan Pembunuh’ Lettering Found Near Bridge in Melaka

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Malaysiakini - Patung 'kerajaan pembunuh' muncul atas jejambat di Melaka
source: Malaysiakini

A humanlike doll was found near a bridge in Melaka this morning with the words “kerajaan pembunuh” scrawled in red paint over its shirt.

The doll, resembling a farmer, wore blue pants, a white shirt and a straw hat.

At the time of writing, police are still investigating who was behind the placing of this doll.

Over the past few months, many have been brewing in their frustrations towards the government. Some have demonstrated anonymously and used #KerajaanGagal in their messages while others, such as Fahmi Reza, have been protesting openly on social media.

Yesterday, daily Covid-19 cases reached 9,105 with 91 deaths while many states are still undergoing EMCO.