The 3 Demands of The Online Black Flag Protest Happening Tomorrow at 3PM

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(source: Twitter)

A group is calling on Malaysians to wave black flags this Saturday (3 July) as a show of protest against the Perikatan Nasional government.

Sekretariat Solidariti Rakyat (SSR) said those who want to join the protest should wave flags at their homes, businesses, streets or anywhere appropriate and post pictures of it on social media at 3pm with the hashtag #lawan.

The protest has three demands, namely for Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin to resign immediately, for Parliament to convene immediately and for the state of emergency to end.

“This act (of waving a black flag) is a message to the government that the people are sick and tired of the uncertain solutions for the people’s and the country’s problems. This act is also the start for other acts should Muhyiddin fail to resign,” SSR said in a statement yesterday (1 July).

(source: Astro Awani)

This isn’t SSR first run though as they had previously organised two rallies outside Parliament, one to demand for the immediate implementation of Undi18 and another for Parliament to reopen.

SSR said the PN government has not come up with a viable plan to save Malaysia from the Covid-19 pandemic despite rising unemployment and job losses.

The group cited the white flag campaign as an example of how desperate people have become and said the government’s economic assistance has been “unacceptably” slow.

ICYMI, the #BenderaPutih campaign calls on those who are desperately in need of assistance to put up white flags outside their homes as a signal that they need urgent help with regard to food and basic necessities.