Doctor Exposes Patient Who Smuggled Ivermectin As Vitamin C And Is Now In ICU

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Pusat perubatan swasta tidak guna Ivermectin
source: Berita Harian

Amidst the haste to get vaccinated, some people are taking a different route by leaning towards Ivermectin, which its effects remain ambiguous and highly-debatable depending on who you talk to.

In case you missed it, Dr Adham Baba proposed in parliament that they would be initiating a clinical trial to figure out if Ivermectin, a drug for animals, can possibly cure Covid-19.

The results are still undetermined, which means that it is still unsafe for the general public to consume the medicine but that isn’t stopping a mass majority of people from doing it anyway.

In our interview with an anti-vaxxer, we discussed how many believe that Ivermectin is the cloaked cure to the virus but medical practitioners are not of the same belief.

Recently, a tweet went viral of a doctor exposing a patient who secretly smuggled in Ivermectin into the ward, concealing it in a Vitamin C tube.

Read it below:

Unfortunately, the patient is currently in the ICU and intubated. Doctors were unaware that the patient had been consuming the pills every day and upon finding out, they were shocked.

“It’s reckless, unsafe and self-harming,” the doctor expressed in the tweet.

He continued by saying that he is not an expert on the effects of Ivermectin but he is a practicing doctor in Covid-19 wards. He urges the public to always be honest about medical history and consult doctors on medicine.

It is important to avoid complications from happening and this patient is a clear example of it.

After the tweet went viral, he advised everyone to not be hateful and mean towards the patient. It is because of misinformation and fear that things like these happen and shaming someone for being fearful of their life is not going to help anyone.

Always listen, understand and try to educate one another. Anger fuels hatred and in times of distress, that is the last thing that we need.

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