Disney+ Is Finally Coming To Malaysia!

Disney+ Is Coming To Malaysia: Facebook and Instagram Pages Just Went Live (UPDATE) | Lowyat.NET

To all you The Mandalorian and Wandavision fans, you can soon watch Disney+ without VPN!

The platform has been highly demanded from Malaysian audiences after it became available in our neighbouring countries, Indonesia and Singapore.

Now, Disney+ has teased its arrival by launching their Instagram page, which at the time of writing, already has 1,312 followers.

Take a look:

For us Malaysians, Disney teamed up with Hotstar, an Indian streaming platform that was taken over by Disney in 2018 which is the same time they bought 21st Century Fox.

Disney+ Hotstar is currently being used in Indonesia and India and it includes all of our favourite Disney+ programmes with the addition of a few titles from each respective country.

So, when this streaming platform hits Malaysia, we can expect some local flavour to be injected into it as well.

There’s no official release date out yet but judging from the teaser, it’s probably going to be very soon. Baby Yoda, here I come!