Digi’s Uplifting Animated Deepavali Video Is Inspired By The Story Of A M’sian Para Archer

Cover image via Digi Telecommunications (YouTube)

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Digi is back with another amazing festive video, this time for the upcoming Deepavali celebrations

This year, given the current situation with the COVID-19 pandemic, Digi has chosen to deliver a truly inspiring message to all Malaysians—that with hope and courage, we can all rise above the adversities we’re currently facing.

Titled Villalan (Archer), the gorgeous animated video was inspired by the true story of S. Suresh, Malaysia’s first world champion in para-archery

Drawing inspiration from how Suresh’s fighting spirit helped him push through all the hardships and challenges he faced from a young age, the whimsical animated video tells a fairytale story of a boy who overcame his struggles to save his village.

The stunning animation truly brings the strong message to life, proving that no matter who you are and what challenge you’re facing, you can find the courage within you to rise again.

In the beautiful village of Roshni, lives Suresh, a happy little boy. Sadly, his carefree life is forever changed when calamity strikes the village and he loses his leg.

Image via Digi Telecommunications (YouTube)

The villagers see Suresh as a reminder of that dark day and shun him, leaving the poor boy alone and heartbroken.

One day, the village’s good luck charm, Mookul, The Golden Cow, gets stolen by an evil demon, Raks.

Tired of being looked down on, Suresh sets out to prove himself by rescuing Mookul!

Image via Digi Telecommunications (YouTube)

Along his perilous journey, he frees a trapped tiger. To thank him, the tiger turns Suresh’s crutch into a divine bow and arrow and blesses him with the skill of a champion marksman!

Fearless in the face of the Raks, Suresh’s aim strikes true, defeating the evil demon! With Mookul’s safe return, happiness spreads throughout the village once more.

Image via Digi Telecommunications (YouTube)

In his heart, Suresh knows that the challenges he faced made him stronger, helping him to achieve that incredible feat.

The real S.Suresh’s story is as equally incredible and inspiring as his animated counterpart’s

Image via Digi Telecommunications (YouTube)

13 years ago, he lost his leg in a tragic road accident. Yet, he didn’t let that hold him back. As a young athlete, he overcame challenges to shine in archery, becoming a beacon of hope for the differently-abled.

He went on to become Malaysia’s first world champion in para-archery, doing our nation proud on the international stage. You go, Suresh!

Through their annual Unsung Heroes, or Saathanai Hero-kkal campaign, Digi continues to champion everyday Malaysians who have gone above and beyond to help others

These unsung heroes have touched lives and truly made a difference in their respective communities.

A previous hero featured on the campaign is Mr. Thatchanamurthy, who set up a company to employ persons with disabilities (PWD) and help them earn a living.

Image via Digi Telecommunications (YouTube)

Mr. Sri Krishnan is a another hero who has been featured. He believes that one does not have to be rich to help those in need. Together with a team of volunteers, he distributes food packets to the homeless and less fortunate in the Klang Valley.

Image via Digi Telecommunications (YouTube)

You can check out more videos and on-air segments about unsung heroes like them on Digi’s YouTube page.

Digi is also continuing their partnership with RAAGA, and is encouraging you to nominate the unsung heroes in your life

Selected stories will be featured on RAAGA’s Kalakkal Kaalai segment. Submissions are open from now until April 2021. Click here to submit your story.

“We hope that these inspiring real-life people stories of unsung heroes will continue to bring the much-needed positivity into our days,” said Praveen Rajan, Digi’s Chief Marketing Officer

“Through this video, we want to remind everyone that we can all be heroes in our own way, and that it is in the darkest times that our true strength is defined.

On behalf of Digi, I would like to wish all Malaysians a Happy Deepavali by reiterating our commitment to keep the spirit of light alive and ensure all of our customers stay connected to what matters most to them during this challenging period.”