M’sian Comic Artist Turns Our Covid-19 Situation Into A Manga In ‘Covidball Z’

source: Ernest Ng

Whether you’re an avid fan or a casual one, there’s no denying that Japanese Anime and Manga has influenced global pop culture. From movies, series and even music, the medium allows imagination without limits.

Although Malaysia’s Covid-19 situation is sometimes in turbulence, local comic book artist Ernest Ng has found a temporary antidote through laughter by asking, what if Malaysia was anime?

source: Ernest Ng

Started as a webcomic series, Covidball Z features situations that we read on the morning news, and Ng ramps it up through cute, dramatic and hilarious exaggerations of said situations. Wanna see a buff version of the PM Muhyiddin? You got it.

source: Ernest Ng

Now that it’s made into a graphic novel, Ng shared some moments from the book on his Twitter, like the water situation Selangor peeps had to face, with tonnes of fun that goes just beyond our local news.

Also, it wouldn’t be called Covidball Z, if there was no Piccolo looking character that sorta embodies the virus itself and eats a bag of Super Rings.

Ng pokes fun at the familiar situations we’re all in and if there’s something that we all could use right now, it’s some good ol’ laughter. Covidball Z was also turned into an actual anime.

These are just a taste so if you want to see the whole spread, you can get your copy of Ernest Ng’s Covidball Z that’s available on Shopee for only RM19.90.