Did You Delete The Muslim Pro App? Here’s A Local Alternative That You Can Use

source: @AinulNunanaa (Twitter)

In case you missed it, there has been a report that millions of location data of Muslims around the world, including Malaysians, has been bought by the U.S military through the popular prayer app, Muslim Pro .

According to a report by Vice, U.S military obtained the data for “counterterrorism” purposes. Many who installed and used the app have voiced out their concerns and promptly deleted the app after the news broke.

There’s no shortage of similar apps, so if you’re looking for an alternative, here’s a local one – Waktu Solat Malaysia. The app is easy to use for prayer times, kiblat direction and mosque locations nearby as well as other relevant features.

source: Waktu Solat Malaysia

What is also important is that Waktu Solat Malaysia gets its data from E-Solat JAKIM, so you know it’s secure. It shows the current prayer time and highlights subsequent prayer times.

Whenever you’re out and unsure where the kiblat is, the app has a digital magnetic compass that will show you the correct kiblat direction when your phone vibrates.

Although it’s named Waktu Solat Malaysia, the app is integrated with Singapore, Brunei and Indonesia prayer times as well as other international prayer times when you’re overseas.

source: @AinulNunanaa (Twitter)

There is also a function that helps you find Halal food places with navigation, which is convenient when we get to travel again.

With over 5 million downloads, there are tonnes of features apart from the necessary functions a prayer app should have. Waktu Solat Malaysia is available on both Android and iOS devices.

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