Dewan Bahasa & Pustaka Defines ‘Talent’ as ‘Sexy People’… But They’re Technically Not Wrong

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Most people in the entertainment industry wouldn’t dare equate talent with beauty, especially in today’s climate where pretty privilege dominates all playing fields.

However the country’s Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka (DBP) isn’t most people.

Funnily enough, a member on the Facebook group Subtle Malaysian Traits discovered that the word for ‘talent’ isn’t explained as adept skill or a person harnessing that skill. The meaning for ‘talent’ on DBP is…

That’s right, folks. I guess being physically attractive does equate to talent?

But all jokes aside, that’s actually the informal British slang for ‘talent’ and not the formal meaning of the word.

It’s somewhat interesting how DBP used that definition instead of the more commonly known meaning, especially when the slang eludes to something far more vulgar. In addition, this informal definition only appears when you click on “Translations and more definitions” in Google, meaning even the online search giant hid the obscure definition of the word as no one outside of Britain uses it.

However, before we jump the gun and assume this is another case of DBP not updating their definitions – similar to the K slur controversy awhile back – it’s important to note that the definition is still correct according to the Oxford Dictionary.


Due to that discovery, I’d like to mention a few other Brit slang words that sound vulgar despite carrying mundane meanings.

Cigarettes = fags

The Great Vincent Cassel Was Born to Star in Partisan - Film/TV - The Stranger
Vincent Cassel (source: The Stranger)

In most countries the word ‘fag’ is actually a derogatory slur for the homosexual community. But in Britain, it just means cigarette. I guess they have to be mindful with their context when saying the word or else, instead of getting a Lucky Strike, they’d be getting an unlucky strike to the face.

Sausages = bangers

Bangers & Ass - Single by Tiny Meat Gang | Spotify
Rap duo, Tiny Meat Gang (source: Spotify)

What’s in the water over there? Why are they so vulgar?

Yes, you read that right. The Brits call sausages bangers which makes for an interesting conversation if they were to go to any breakfast diner outside of their native. I don’t think any minimum wage worker would entertain a grinning customer asking for a nice, warm ‘banger’.

Fries = chips, Chips = crisps


Don’t get me started on this again. This isn’t exactly vulgar but it’s frustrating. Just call them fries like the rest of us! But if you’d really like to read my fully-realised frustrations on this ongoing debate, click here.


If you noticed any more weird translations or meanings on DBP, feel free to tell us in the comments section!