Devotees Celebrating Thaipusam Help Malay Woman Give Birth at Batu Caves’ Temple

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(source: FMT)

Thaipusam festivities at Batu Caves this year witnessed a surprise blessing when a Malay woman gave birth to a baby girl in a car just outside the Sri Subramaniar Temple earlier yesterday (19 Jan).

According to FMT, the birth took place as a bullock cart was being pulled around the temple compound for certain ceremonies and rituals.

The Hindu devotees, both men and women who were walking towards the temple, turned around and rushed to the woman’s aid on hearing her cries for help.

Seeing she was in open view of the public, the devotees took their sarees and veshthis they had with them and held them around the woman’s vehicle to give her privacy.

Several women then assisted her in safely delivering her baby girl as witnessed by her stunned husband who was in the driver’s seat. A female devotee even helped snip off the umbilical cord with a knife after the child was delivered.

An ambulance arrived shortly afterwards to attend to the mother and newborn.

Journalist L.K. Savantharaja who witness the incident said those who came to the couple’s aid felt blessed by the birth of the baby girl. Some even shed tears.

“We help each other because we’re all Malaysians,” he said.

Earlier, the heavily-pregnant woman is believed to have developed labour pain in the early morning and was being driven to a hospital by her husband when she went into labour at about 7.20am.

Her husband then pulled over their four-wheel-drive pick-up truck under a flyover in front of the temple where it all happened.