Dedicated Teacher Graded Exam Papers Even On His Deathbed, Daughter Wishes She Could’ve Spent More Time With Him

(Source: Sandra A. Venagas on Twitter)

Besides our parents, teachers play a big role in our lives. The education and care they pour into our early years is what helps shape us into the human beings we are today. Along the way, it’s inevitable for us to meet dedicated educators who give their all into our growth.

A Facebook post by Sandra A. Venagas went viral when she shared about her late father, Alejandro Navarro, who was a devoted teacher to his students up until his very last breath.

Sandra wrote that her father, whose health was declining, was more worried about finalizing grades for progress reports than his own well-being. He knew he was going to the ER so he packed his laptop and charger so he could key it in.

This is my dad Alejandro Navarro, the day before he passed away, worried about finalizing grades for progress reports….

Posted by Sandra A. Venegas on Thursday, December 17, 2020

Committed as he was, she even stated that her father would resume marking his students’ grades after doctors had left his room.

She also shared that the last time she saw her father was on Monday (December 14) when she was working at his house. She only wishes she could have closed his laptop so she could spend more time with him.

(Source: Sandra A Venegas on Facebook)

With that, she expressed how precious teachers are, especially when they put in so many extra hours into completing their work despite the pandemic.

She also urged the public to look out for one another when it comes to working after hours. “Let’s not normalize working after hours, let’s not normalize staying at work late. You are replaceable at work. You are NOT replaceable at home,” she says.