Deadly Landslide At Simpang Pulai-Cameron Highlands Claims The Lives Of 2 Drivers

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Source: The Star

Yesterday (2 Dec) at 1.30pm, a landslide occurred at Jalan Simpang Pulai-Cameron Highlands after continuous heavy rain. The landslide has blocked off a main route to Cameron Highlands and buried two vehicles under it, killing two men.

The Perak Fire and Rescue Department said they received a distress call at around 1.44pm about the incident and immediately mobilised a team from the Simpang Pulai Fire and Rescue station for rescue work.

Perak police chief Datuk Mior Faridalathrash Wahid said the rescue team retrieved the two bodies after nearly 10 hours of operation.

Source: Kosmo

Police retrieved the first body, Tan Chee Heng, 36, at around 9:30 pm. While the second victim,  Muhammad Hafiz Hamdi, 31, was found in his lorry later at 10:50 pm.

The Perak Police Chief said that it was believed that Muhammad Hafiz was on the way to Simpang Pulai from Cameron Highlands for work, while Tan Chee Heng was on his way from Gua Musang, Kelantan to Penang.

Currently there is an on going search and rescue (SAR) operation to remove the landslide debris from the road to search for any further victims.

Perak Fire and Department assistant director (operation) Muhamad Shahrizal Aris said that “should the first and second sweep results be negative and with no new leads, we may call off the SAR.”

In the mean time, Shahrizal said that the K-9 unit from Kuala Lumpur has been deployed to make “a sweep of the whole area to ensure there are no more victims.”