WATCH: Driver Misses Landslide by Split-Second at Fraser’s Hill… It’s The 2nd Landslide This Year

Recently, a viral clip from a dashboard cam showed a netizen nearly getting caught in a landslide at Fraser’s Hill.

The video was uploaded by Twitter user @madihahhsm and has since racked-up 8.7k retweets.

The video’s caption translates to, “This landslide happened at Fraser’s Hill right in-front of us. Thank God everyone is safe. Stay safe and take care everyone.”

In the clip, the car is driving towards a turn when the landslide occurred. The car immediately jerks to a stop.

Take a look:

Many commenters pointed out how lucky the passengers were for missing the landslide by a few seconds. The situation could have definitely turned tragic and the passengers could have lost their lives due to the incident.

One commenter added another video to the thread, showing a landslide that happened just a day prior.

In the caption, the commenter explained that the landslide followed the collapse of several trees within the same vicinity. A bulldozer can be seen in the clip, clearing off the path.

Take a look:

With the current downpour that has been predicted to last until March 2021, it’s best to be extra careful while driving in forests or anywhere with lush greenery and soil.

Drive safe, everyone!