LISTEN: David Guetta and Martin Garrix Reunite for Another Club Banger ‘Like I Do’

(source: WeAreRave)

After dropping their successful collab hit ‘So Far Away’, David Guetta and Martin Garrix are not giving us a chance to breath. The duo is back with ‘Like I Do’, this time with some pop vocals from Brooks.

Both of them have been teasing fans with this track by playing it at shows all over the world the past couple of weeks. The track showcases a blend of progressive house and pure pop combined with beautiful vocals.

David and Martin are really good friends who love to make music together. Here’s what they had to say about the recent collab:

David Guetta When we hit the studio we were already working on several tracks. After we saw the great response on ‘So Far Away’ we thought f*** it we will release another track together straight away.

Martin Garrix David is a legend. I have a lot of respect for him as an artist and I’m very happy we were able to release another track together with the amazing Brooks who I have worked with on other records before. I think he’s one of the most talented producers out there.

Check out the song down below:

Their previous collaboration ‘So Far Away’ peaked at #18 on the Spotify charts and at #21 on iTunes and acquired millions of streams as well as more than 56 million views on the official music video. We’re not psychic, but we can definitely tell ‘Like I Do’ will do even better!

‘Like I Do’ is available on all digital service providers. 

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