Is Datuk Lee Chong Wei one of the Company Directors of Raj’s Banana Leaf?

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According to Buzzkini, the Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM) lists Datuk Lee Chong Wei as one of three Company Directors of reprimanded restaurant Raj’s Banana Leaf.


Listed under the company name InterCompass Sdn. Bhd, which is clearly printed below the Bangsar restaurant’s signage, Datuk Lee has been a Company Director here since September 2016.


According to Buzzkini, the online news site tried to contact Datuk Lee for a response to the incident, but have not disclosed if they were successful. However, another news site, The Star, did get manage to contact Datuk Lee earlier today and his response was: “No no no. Bukan saya (Not me).”

The restaurant also responded to the claim on Facebook today: “While we acknowledge that Datuk Lee Chong Wei was previously a director of the company, he had resigned from his directorship prior to the said incident and he was in any event not involved in the day-to-day operations of our restaurants.”

The viral video showing the restaurant’s staff cleaning dishes using murky water from puddles in the alley behind the premise went viral yesterday. Many netizens have expressed their disgust and anger at the clear lack of hygiene. The restaurant claimed on social media that the staff in the video were “new” and not trained.

The DBKL proceeded to shut down the business this morning.