These Four MAS Promotional Posters are Award Worthy

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Images Kevin Teow

Remember the travesty that was the new Visit Malaysia 2020 logo that happened early this year? It was so bad that netizens themselves created their own designs to make up for it. It’s safe to say that the netizens did it better – waaay better.

Recently, a set of photos started popping up regarding a set of Malaysia Airlines (MAS) promotional posters and Malaysians are applauding how good it looks. It was designed by Kevin Teow who works with advertising giant Ogilvy & Mather. Surprisingly these posters were created in 2013, but had only caught the attention of netizens a couple of days ago.

These posters were designed for MAS’s annual year end sale. The campaign highlights the many choices available at great prices. With the slogan, “End the year with a different perspective”, the designs show how Malaysia is in parallel with another country, beautifully.

Don’t believe us? Check out the four illustrations below:






To see more of Kevin’s work, click here.

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