Dato’ Seri Vida Launches Her Own Cryptocurrency – LaVida Coin

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Source: JUICE Malaysia (juiceonline.com)

Cosmetic millionaire and the founder of Qu Puteh, Dato’ Seri Vida has launched her own cryptocurrency–LaVida Coin (LVC) as reported by Utusan Malaysia.

After she made profits from investing in cryptocurrency two years ago, Dato Vida decided to launched LaVida Coin with a complete team of professionals.

“I can’t help every person by handing out money but I want others to have the chance to enjoy good fortune as I did. Which is why I’m sharing the latest method through LaVida Coin which is easy, isn’t burdensome and is able to generate lucrative income,” the boujee mak cik said.

source: Amanz

According to Dato’ Seri Vida, the price for LVC is relatively cheap. She also claimed that its value will rise by the end of the year.

Malaysian tech-site Amanz reported the value for one LVC is now set at US$0.66 (RM2.71).

Besides being an investment, LVC will also be used as a platform for the cosmetic queen’s e-wallet service, LavidaPay.

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