Dance Instructor in SG Allegedly Sexually Assaults M’sian Worker & Calls Her ‘Dog Slave’

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According to Mothership SG, a 26-year-old Malaysian woman who works in Singapore claimed that she had the misfortune of dealing with sexual harassment from her boss –  a man supposedly married with kids. The assault even includes name-calling like, “dog” and “slave” and was justified as “part of the job”.

In a video posted on Facebook on 12 June, Ker Qian shared how she was introduced to a man who wanted her to be a dance instructor for a new dance studio, as well as becoming the “owner”. She eventually agreed to be an instructor for six months, but not to take up the owner role.

Ker Qian started to work in May and was assigned to recruit other dance instructors but she noticed the requirements set by her boss were “odd”.

The boss allegedly only wanted female workers aged 18 to 25 who are either desperate for money or came from a broken family.

When Ker Qian asked him why these were his requirements, the man responded that it was because they would have more passion for the job, and would be more serious.

The nightmare though started in June when she notified him that she was ready to take the training further.

In her video, Ker Qian showed WhatsApp screenshots, purportedly between the man and herself, in which he told her to keep their Zoom meetings and WhatsApp conversations confidential and private.

(source: Mothership SG)

One day, the man informed her that he felt disrespected whenever she called him by his name and asked her to refer him as “master” and in turn, he would refer to her as “dog slave”.

“It will solidify the process,” he wrote.

He also added, “I am here for you. I believe you know by now that no one around you understand you and can help you. Not even your family and close friends. So you leave all of you to me. Your mind, body and soul and I will guide it”.

(source: Mothership SG)

To ensure her continued respect, the boss ordered her to repeat the lines, “I am (the man’s) dog. I will 100 per cent listen to (the man)”, 12 times per day for 12 weeks.

He also instructed Ker Qian to “make it as a habit to greet your master every morning when you wake up”, and to inform him about everything she did and everywhere she went — including when she was going to eat, shower, and go to sleep — so that they could work together.

“Understand b*tch?” he wrote.

When she brought up the issue of privacy, he replied by saying that “as a successful person”, she does not have any privacy and private time.

She tried to voice her discomfort to the man, saying that the training was too extreme for her and that she was not comfortable but was met with scolding and even was called “childish”, in a private Zoom meeting.

(source: Mothership SG)

Soon after, the man began talking about Ker Qian’s past relationships and asked why she wouldn’t give her body to him in order for a “bright future”. He said, “You see lah. I’m a capable person and also very rich. If today I want you to suck my c**k, you will suck til very comfortable, more happy, and more proud, right?”.

Ker Qian said that she felt like something was wrong and complained to her friend who suggested gathering evidence before filing a police report. Thus, she recorded her next meeting with the man.

She said that she “acted dumb” during the meeting so that the man would say everything. With that, she then filed a police report and the case is currently under investigation.

In the 13-minute video, she ends by saying, “If you face sexual harassment, don’t be afraid to report it to the police or to face the problem.” She also noted that people should confide in friends and family, and should not have to face it alone.

Watch the full video, here:

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