33 y/o Homeless Man in Melaka Swamped With Job Offers After His Story Goes Viral

Source: The Star & gigitankerengga

After his story was told by The Star, Malaysians stepped in to help homeless security guard, Mohd Zahari Rahman who has now received a plethora of job offers as well as help for his accommodation.

Recently, news broke that Zahari was seen sitting on a pavement and roaming along Jalan Tun Ali in Melaka, begging for money from road users. The 33-year-old bachelor revealed that he had no other options since losing his job and accommodation at a hostel at his previous workplace.

Just today, Zahari has been offered a job as a logistic assistant at a logistic company from Taman Angkasa Nuri in Melaka.

The company’s managing director G. Sivarajan said he will be taking care of Zahari’s accommodation and will make sure he has a meal to eat everyday.

Source: gigitankerengga

Kota Laksamana assemblyman Low Chee Leong, went to look for Zahari at his usual spot this morning only to find that he was no longer at his usual spot.

“Locals told me that someone had offered him a job and took him along with them this (Tuesday) morning,” Low said.

Source: The Star

Because of the current lockdown, Zahari would go out after 8pm and roam the streets hoping those who pass by would stop and give him money.

Since it was mostly during nighttime, some motorists would stop to check if he’s truly human and not just an illusion of the night.

“They are usually frontliners and those on the graveyard shift,” he said.

He also added that they would give him money and face masks.

“At least, one out of 10 vehicles passing by will stop and help me. I have no choice but to come up with this tactic to avoid going hungry.”