Three People Fall Unconscious Due To Gas Leak At PJ Fast Food Restaurant

A gas leak at a fast food restaurant in Pandan Jaya caused three persons to suddenly faint.

Director of the Selangor Fire and Rescue Department Norazam Khamis stated that the incident happened on Monday (October 10) around 9.55 a.m.

“We sent out a 12-person team, two hazmat (hazardous materials) units, and a fire engine to the incident on Jalan Pandan 2/1 after receiving a distress call. Two restaurant employees as well as a health ministry representative who arrived to assist the employees all fell unconscious at the scene,” he claimed.

He stated that during the operation, firefighters blocked off the area and forbade others from entering the eatery.

“We saved the three victims, and we brought them to an ambulance that was stationed nearby.”

He said that the source of the leak was being probed and that the individuals had been transported to the hospital immediately for medical assistance.

Netizens have speculated that the incident may have been caused by a low rate of air change per hour (ACH) or a fault in the mechanical ventilation system leading to a shut down of air supply, and suggested that eateries have CO2 and gas leakages detectors within the area to prevent such instances.