Got RM30 Million To Spare? You Can Buy This Creepy Abandoned Mall In Batu Pahat

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source: Metropolis BP

We all know Malaysians love discussing the mysteries behind dilapidated properties, but how likely are we to purchase an entire shopping mall that’s been abandoned for nearly three decades?

I’d say not to underestimate the possibility of this happening, especially since the infamous SG house in Bukit Gasing was successfully auctioned off for RM4.4 million last December.

But when it comes to Wira Court in Batu Pahat, which is rumoured to now be up for sale at a price range of RM20-30 million, the eerie rumours of negative instances occurring within its walls are coupled with nostalgic memories, as locals recall visiting the mall with their parents many, many years ago.

source: Foursquare

The matter went viral on Reddit recently, whereby a seemingly endless thread depicted these happenings. Among them, netizens claimed to have heard of numerous suicide cases, mostly induced by gambling debts. Some allege that one of these suicides took place at the mall on the very day of its public opening.

This had supposedly steered away several business and caused them to withdraw their lots, in fear that the area was now ‘tainted’.

YouTuber, Insect Ang, also shared a vlog of the mall’s spooky interior, but for the most part, it just looks like any other dimmed and neglected property, save for the “secret hallway” inside the building with murals of Mickey Mouse and other Disney characters plastered along the walls.

Other claims revolved around the building’s structural integrity. Some believe that the owner had compromised its stability due to excessive renovation works, but this rumour was neither confirmed nor addressed.

Additionally, many users noted that locals were confused between this mall and Summit Shopping Mall, another building in the same area notorious for eerie occurrences following a tragic death.

source: Wiki Impact

Either way, a handful of Redditors expressed their desire for Malaysian authorities to rent or buy the property to convert it into affordable housing for young families in attempt to tackle the country’s homelessness issue.

Others suggested demolishing the building and turning the lot into a public park.

What do you think? Will someone actually buy it?