Craving Something Sweet? These Banana Puddings Are Yummy & Named After Popular Shows & Movies

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What’s better than a sweet and refreshing banana pudding? A banana pudding that’s named after our favourite shows and movies!

It’s sweater weather in Malaysia and everyone is bundled-up in their blankets as they work from home or indulge in a Netflix programme or two.

With that, it’s best to complement that feeling of comfort with an even more comforting dessert. Enter tempting Chomski’s banana pudding…

Based in Selangor, Chomski aims to deliver their ultra-creamy, super fluffy banana puddings that are packed with natural banana flavour right to your doorstep.

While they do offer the original banana pudding, named ‘The Original Gang Star’, they’ve also added their own twists to the beloved dessert with alternatives that include Nutella and Biscoff biscuits.

If you want a decadent swirl of chocolatey-hazelnut goodness, you can opt for their ‘The Nutella Academy’ which is an homage to the cult-favourite show The Umbrella Academy. 

If you want a deep caramel twang with hints of cinnamon biscuits, ‘Biscoff Pilgrim vs. The Swirl’, a play on Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, is the pudding for you!

Check them out below:




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