Viral Clip Of Couple Allegedly Sniffing Glue In Moving Car With Child In Backseat Raises Concern

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It’s distressing enough to come across tales of children facing the circumstances of living with neglectful or irresponsible guardians, so imagine the shock that comes with watching such an instance unfold right in front of you.

Yesterday, through a viral video that was shared by a local Facebook user depicted a couple believed to be a married couple sniffing something through a plastic packaging in a moving car that the man was driving.

The poster expressed his disappointment as he pointed out that a child was also present in the backseat of the Proton Iswara.

Netizens speculated, based on the clip, that the couple had been taking turns inhaling glue from the plastic bags and both appeared to be high.

It is understood that the incident occurred in Melaka. The Facebook user who posted the clip also noted that he did not dare to get involved and stop the car as he feared that the driver, in a state of high, could react aggressively and put the child in further danger.

Following the posting, netizens also prompted local authorities to take action and investigate the matter. As of now, there has not been any explanation from any party nor an official statement from the police regarding the issue at hand.

At the time of writing, the post has garnered over 2200 shares and 200 comments.

In line with that, other Facebook users also left comments under the post urging the public not to jump to conclusions and make disparaging remarks, but rather focus on communicating the matter to the police and obtaining the full story.