Cops Urge The Public To Abide By The Law & Ensure Anwar’s Swearing-In Unfolds Smoothly

source: The Vibes

Prior to Anwar Ibrahim of Pakatan Harapan (PH) being sworn in as prime minister at 5 p.m. today, local police have warned that supporters of political parties who engage in provocative behaviour or bring up racial or religious concerns will face harsh punishment.

Amihizam Abdul Shukor, the head of the Brickfields district police, urged members of the public, particularly those who support specific political parties, to uphold the law and make sure Anwar’s swearing-in transpires without a hitch.

According to a statement he released, “the populace is also asked not to publish any social media messages that may incite anger or confusion among the (people).”

The general public is likewise warned not to speculate on related matters.

Istana Negara announced earlier today that PKR President Anwar will serve as the country’s 10th prime minister and head a unity government. Rafizi Ramli, the deputy president of PKR, encouraged PH supporters not to have any celebrations in the wake of the news in order to reduce the possibility of provocation.

He then advised PH supporters to exercise caution when posting anything on social media that can raise suspicions or serve as justification for provocative behaviour. He also emphasised that despite efforts to build a unity government, PH and PKR leaders had not made any statements in light of the electoral results.