This Content Creator Uses Social Media To Empower Malaysians Who Have Psoriasis

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(source: Catherthea, provided to JUICE by Rocyie Wong)

Many of us have skin conditions that are not well represented on social media.

The rapid proliferation of photo editing apps such as Facetune makes it even more difficult to find another person with the same condition.

With features like blemish removal and skin smoothing, some of us may feel compelled to conceal what isn’t considered conventionally attractive.

However, 30-year-old content creator Rocyie Wong isn’t afraid to show the world her authentic self, as she boldly advocates for psoriasis on her social media.

Born and raised in Kuala Lumpur, Rocyie is a holistic nutritionist and psoriasis activist who is passionate about wellness

(source: Michelle Chua, provided to JUICE by Rocyie Wong)

She began posting photos of her psoriasis on social media a few years ago after feeling that the Internet was isolating people with her skin condition.

“People my age spend a lot of time on social media and I was frustrated by the fact that the platform made me feel like an alien, it doesn’t make me feel good. At the time, social media made me want to change myself,” she told JUICE.

Rocyie said that she wanted to change things and make social media a positive and welcoming platform for everyone, which prompted her to share her skin condition online.

“I chose to share my story, and I saw how powerful social media could be. Content can go viral and have a lot of impact on the community, it can also bring people together.

“Instead of using social media to build up a wall, I chose to break it down and encourage people to be vulnerable and to be themselves. I wanted people to own who they are mentally, physically, and psychologically,” she added.

Other social media users have reached out to Rocyie after being moved by her posts

(source: Michelle Chua, provided to JUICE by Rocyie Wong)

The 30-year-old stated that she previously posted a picture of her leg, and someone sent her a warm message after becoming emotional over the post.

However, it is not always easy for the content creator, who had previously faced harsh comments for her appearance.

She also recalled a time when someone had written in her comments section that she will never be wanted by anyone.

“Sometimes you get comments like that, but what’s amazing about building a community online is that they will speak up for you. So, while I didn’t actually engage with that person, my followers fought on behalf of me.

“It’s actually my dream come true to show up like this on social media and to have them,” she shared.

After she began posting about psoriasis, Rocyie realised that there are other online communities fighting for different types of skin conditions

(source: Catherthea, provided to JUICE by Rocyie Wong)

Whether it’s acne or alopecia, Rocyie believes that these communities all share a common goal, which is to be accepted by society.

“We’re attempting to build body neutrality, not body positivity. People keep asking us how we want to be treated, but all we want is to be treated like everyone else.

“Don’t keep asking us whether we can eat certain things because of our skin or whether we’re this way because of the weather. We don’t want to feel like we’re weaker, we want to be seen as equal,” Rocyie said.

Finally, Rocyie’s advice to those who are struggling with their skin condition is to find their people

(source: Vaneesha, provided to JUICE by Rocyie Wong)

“Find your people and allow yourself to give and receive help. It’s also important to support each other in order to live the best life that we could.

“Always encourage each other and make sure that no one is left behind, so no one will feel alone anymore. Remember to reach out, speak up, and support people,” she said.

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