Beauty Redefined: Meet Malaysia’s 10 New Visionaries Breaking Barriers & Challenging Beauty Norms Today

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Get ready to be captivated as SAYS, Seismik, JUICE, and Mashable Southeast Asia proudly unveil the remarkable ensemble of 10 Inclusive Beauty Ambassadors

Assembled at Bandar Utama on a memorable Thursday, 15 June, these extraordinary individuals seized the spotlight, blending a delightful mix of fun and purpose during an unforgettable meet and greet affair. In a groundbreaking collaboration back in May, these influential media platforms united forces to launch the Inclusive Beauty campaign.

Their mission? To champion the power of diversity, inclusivity, and the complete transformation of beauty standards.

As part of this remarkable initiative, a nationwide search for inclusive ambassadors was launched, resulting in the selection of five exceptional new faces of beauty. Teaming up with the existing five REV influencers, these ambassadors embody the very essence of this movement and will serve as catalysts for change within the industry.

Taking the mic at the enchanting event hosted at Maria’s Steakcafe in 1Powerhouse, the charismatic inclusive beauty ambassador, Nandini Balakrishnan, passionately expressed, “This cause is near and dear to my heart, as I’m sure it is to many of you here. Inclusive beauty has the power to make us all feel truly seen, accepted, and embraced.

“Contrary to popular belief, inclusive beauty extends far beyond makeup and ‘girl stuff’,” Nandini continued.

“Beauty standards seep into every aspect of our lives, and those who don’t conform often face hardships. But we are all uniquely designed. So why not celebrate our differences instead of aspiring to be replicas? Let us strive for visibility, not invisibility. Inclusion, not exclusion,” she concluded, leaving the audience in awe.

Now, let’s meet the 10 extraordinary Inclusive Beauty Ambassadors who are poised to redefine the very concept of beauty:

Rocyie Wong (Aged 30)

From a psoriasis patient to a proud ambassador, Rocyie advocates for early diagnosis and fights against the stigma surrounding this visible skin condition. Through her influential social media platforms, she promotes body positivity and empowers fellow psoriasis patients to make informed decisions, leaving an indelible mark on their lives.

Liyana Lee (Aged 25)

As a half Malay, half Chinese plus-sized girl, Liyana thrives on living life with utmost confidence. Having endured years of bullying and the struggle to “fix” her body, she stands tall as an inclusive beauty ambassador, determined to represent and inspire girls like her. She sends a powerful message that self-acceptance and love require no change.

Daniel Yusof (Aged 34)

When he’s not busy with this work as a legal advisor, Daniel unleashes his vitality through running and delights in baking delicious bread. In his 20s, he battled insecurities caused by hair loss, even enduring taunts at his previous workplace. Driven by the lack of representation and acceptance for young, balding men, Daniel aims to redefine beauty by proclaiming that bald is not only okay but undeniably handsome and valid.

Shanti Mugunen (Aged 35)

Shanti, an autoimmune warrior and postgraduate student, fearlessly navigates life with Type 1 Diabetes and Spondyloarthropathy while proudly flaunting her mobility aid and insulin pump. She emerges as a powerful advocate for the chronically ill and disabled. As an inclusive beauty ambassador, Shanti shatters societal perceptions, proving that those with visible medical devices or mobility aids are undeniably beautiful.

Lavinia Abirami (Aged 22)

Deaf yet determined, Lavinia defies expectations and crafts mouth-watering brownies with finesse. She battled terrible acne and endured hurtful comments about her darker skin tone throughout her journey. Lavinia recalls a defining moment when a relative questioned her mother about adoption due to her deafness and complexion. Her story, as an inclusive beauty ambassador, inspires resilience, proving that beauty is not defined by others’ misguided opinions.

Danial Martinus (Aged 29)

A content creator at Mashable Southeast Asia, Danial, a third-culture adult on the autism spectrum, possesses an innate love for language and technology, combining them in captivating ways.

Nandini Balakrishnan (Aged 32)

Beyond being a widely influential SAYS Video Lead, Nandini’s passion extends to cheese and advocating for a future where society treats individuals based on merit rather than race, skin colour, or gender.

Aina Mariah (Aged 29)

As an influencer and video editor at Seismik TV, Aina uses her exceptional skills to create awe-inspiring content. Her popular online series, #ainatricks, infuses a touch of magic through mind-bending visual effects.

Robert Lee (Aged 47)

Engaging in media sales, Robert thrives on good vibes and immerses himself in invigorating outdoor workouts to maintain his mental and physical sharpness.

Syuhada Rahim (Aged 21)

A vibrant creative and JUICE Video Editor, Syuhada revels in her love for music and fashion. Fearlessly expressing herself, she disregards the opinions of others and embraces her unique style.

Together, these 10 inclusive beauty ambassadors will unleash their compelling voices and stories to encourage Malaysians to embrace their distinct features and redefine the very essence of beauty. Brace yourself for an extraordinary journey filled with captivating workshops, activities, interviews, videos, and more.

Stay connected with their remarkable voyage on SAYS, Seismik, JUICE, and Mashable Southeast Asia as they relentlessly champion beauty for every body. Age, skin tone or texture, gender, body type, or ability shall no longer serve as barriers to feeling beautiful.

For additional information about the Inclusive Beauty movement, visit and prepare to witness the winds of change sweep across the realm of beauty.

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