Coldplay Sponsors Watercraft To Remove Plastic Waste From Yellow M’sian Rivers

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I guess Coldplay wasn’t kidding around when they sang, “I will try… to fix you!”

Grammy-winning Brit band and green warriors, Coldplay, are sponsoring a watercraft called Interceptor 005 (sounds like a Terminator but okay) which will help remove plastic waste from our rivers. You could say, our rivers will no longer be… yellow. Alright, I’ll stop now.

The machine was built by the Dutch NGO, The Ocean Cleanup and the CEO mentioned in a statement that Malaysia will be the first country to receive this advanced version of the watercraft to tackle water pollution. The first model was received in 2019 and placed in the Klang River.

According to the company,

“Without action, there could be more plastic than fish in the oceans by 2050, which is why The Ocean Cleanup’s work is so vital. We’re proud to sponsor Interceptor 005 which will catch thousands of tonnes of waste before it reaches the ocean.”

I couldn’t agree more. After all, it’s common knowledge that our rivers have become so murky that you can’t spot the crocodiles lurking in it.

Coldplay taja Interceptor 005 bersihkan sungai Malaysia

The Interceptor 005 is still under development but is expected to finish in 2021, subsequently making its way to Malaysia soon after.

The reason why this is so important to our rivers is because plastic waste can stay in slow-moving whirlpools for years and lack of action can drastically deteriorate our ecosystems, health and economies.

So, when our rivers are clean in the upcoming years, we have The Ocean Cleanup and Coldplay to thank for our newly found para, para, paradise…