Klang Woman Decides Not to Take Her Life After Spotting a Crocodile in The River With Her

(source: Kosmo!)

According to Kosmo, a Malaysian woman who wanted to drown herself changed her mind about suicide after she saw a crocodile in a river with her last Monday (23 November). The incident took place in the river near the bridge at Jalan Dato’ Mohd Sidin, Klang.

Due to emotional stress, the 34-year-old engineer jumped into the waters with the intention of taking her own life but once she entered the river, she saw a crocodile and decided to swim to the edge of the river. Sources say that the woman narrated the incident to the public after she was rescued.

A crocodile spotted in Klang river back in 2017 (source: FMT)

South Klang District Police Chief, Assistant Commissioner Shamsul Amar Ramli said his department received an emergency call from a man saying there was a woman who jumped into the river in the area at about 6.57 pm.

“However, the woman was found again in wet clothes by the side of the road near the scene at about 11.30 pm before being handed over to the police. Preliminary investigation found that the woman, who is single, is experiencing emotional stress,” he said.

He added that the woman, who comes from Taman Klang Jaya, had worked in Port Dickson for eight years before being transferred to Petaling Jaya. The case is currently being investigated under Section 309 of the Penal Code for attempted suicide which is punishable by law with a prison term that may extend to one year, or a fine, or both.

If you’re having suicidal thoughts, please reach out for help or call Befrienders KL’s 24-hour hotline at 03-76272929.