Charli XCX’s Latest Music Video is Full of Boys, Boys & More Boys

Charlotte Emma Aitchison – or Charli XCX as we all know – is a severely underrated pop player in an industry saturated with Taylor Swift and Katy Perry, even after co-creating bangers like ‘Fancy’ with Iggy Azalea and ‘I love It’ with Icona Pop. Despite the number of competition, the singer and songwriter’s ballsy attempt in creating experimental pop has earned herself a prolific streak of songs that are authentically hers and multiple awards at that. Think of Charli as Gwen Stefani in the late ‘00s, with power pop songs that can be classified as a mixture of electropop, synthpop, bubblegum pop, and punk pop. That might sound like a lot of pop in one sentence but that’s essentially who Charli XCX is and in her latest offering of called ‘Boys’, the musician has pushed her own artistic boundaries again to bring diversity to the table. Instead of her usual girl power anthems and avant-garde aesthetic, Charli XCX is bringing focus to the men of our lives in her self-directed music video for ‘Boys’.

Together with Sarah McColgan, who has worked with artistes like Miguel and Kendrick Lamar, Charli’s ‘Boys’ is an artwork of eye candy featuring some of today’s hottest male acts like Stormzy, Diplo, Joe Jonas, Brendon Urie, Aminé, and so much more. We’re so used to seeing women in music videos, we’re not quite sure how to contain ourselves when confronted with an abundance of beautiful men in all shapes and sizes.

Watch as Diplo plays with puppies and Brendon Urie lays down on a floor full of rose petals below:

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