Celebrate Women in Batik for Merdeka this Year

Cover Image: Daniel Adams

Taking on unique and delicate subjects, Daniel Adams got his big break with his photography project ‘Why Is Your English So Good?‘. In the series, Adams explored the racism Malaysians and other Asian students received while studying abroad, and it blew up on social media. We even interviewed him right after we found out.

Now as Merdeka is approaching, Daniel Adams wants to present Batik in its rawest form in his photography exhibition The Batik Series. Showcasing the diversity and vibrancy of Malaysia through women who don these designs; The Batik Series’ backdrop was also featured during Good Vibes Festival last July.

source: Kyo KL/Facebook

The conceptual photographer started the project to feel more attached to his own culture and nationality after living abroad. It’ll feature 16 images that will be available for purchase during the exhibition.

photo credit: Daniel Adams

For more information check out Kyo KL on Facebook and to see more of Daniel Adams’ work, follow him on Instagram.

*Note that this event is strictly for those 21 years old and above.