Celebrate International Women’s Day Online By Supporting Feminist Art Through Hashtag #WomensMarchMY

Women's Day March ready to state demands today, say rights advocates | Malaysia | Malay Mail
source: Malay Mail

The time has come for the annual International Women’s Day where we celebrate the wins of women while fighting to continue breaking the glass ceiling.

Last year, the Women’s March challenged the status quo by demanding rights within the realms of equal pay, sexual orientation and violence, freedom and political participation.

Every year, there will be controversy and resistance yet Malaysian women have proven their strength by soldiering forward despite those who try to silence them.

Here are 17 amazing placards from Malaysia's Women's March 2020 - Social Good
source: Mashable SEA

Since Covid-19 has rendered us all in isolation, the women’s march this year will take place online through the hashtag #WomensMarchMY. According to the Women’s March KL committee, the virtual event “does not mean we cannot remain visible, vocal, and loud about our demands for gender equality and our human rights.”

So far, there have been multiple posts recounting previous marches as well celebrating new movements through the distribution of art and poetry.

In order to get you started, here a few inspirational posts using the hashtag:

Feeling pumped? Good because you can participate too!

All you have to do is create a placard, take a picture with it and post it on your social media with a list of your demands for the year. Regardless of what you want, all issues are important and your voice deserves to be heard.

Just make sure to use the hashtag #WomensMarchMY