Celebrate CNY with Mr Bean at a Carnival? Why Not?

One of the best things about being Malaysian is the holidays and how everyone from all walks of life–no matter race, religion or age–love to celebrate the festivities. From Hari Raya Aidilfitri to Deepavali to Chinese New Year, every celebration is an occasion to remember with loved ones and a chance to foster a closer community.

However, if you’re feeling like CNY and all other celebrations have become one big routine (same songs, same food, year after year), then we feel you too. JUICE always have something planned out for new experiences, and we have something that might interest you this Chinese New Year.

Instead of complaining about your least favourite cousin, tell your family that you’d like to try something new this year – like celebrating Chinese New Year at a Carnival filled with activities, shows and food that you’d expect from a CNY celebration, but also with Mr. Bean! Yep, you heard us. Mr. Bean will be there to entertain you during the celebration. (Expect minimal dialog from him, if you know what we mean).

Brought to you by Matrix Concepts, come over to d’Tempat Country Club at Bandar Sri Sendayan on Saturday 24 Feb 2018, and start off with a Prosperity Yee Sang ceremony before you roam the carnival and enjoy these activities with your family.

Lion Dance

The usual fellas that you’d find during CNY. We always admire the hard work, art and choreography that these dancers put in their performances–making them look like real magical creatures. You can’t celebrate without having them around so catch these lions at the event doing dances that you can only imagine of doing. Be sure to keep a Mandarin Orange in your bag to ‘feed’ them.

Traditional Chinese Drum Performance

There will also be Chinese drums performance to get you pumped up for CNY. They’re are meant to be tense and climactic to fill audiences with tension and joy. In a traditional sense, it’s meant to be a blessing of Tathāgata to make us feel awakened so that we may transcend beyond the human condition. We’d say that’s pretty cool.

Mr. Bean Impersonator

We didn’t say the real Mr. Bean would be there, but the second best version of him will. The man has mastered the art of imitating our childhood comedy figure and his performance will make adults feel nostalgic and kids laugh. Hey, we’ve always imagined what would Mr. Bean do if he travelled to Asia, and who knew he’d be in our backyard? He’s definitely going to make our jaw ache from all the laughing.

Mask Changing Performance

Also know as Bian Lian, the mask changing performance originated from Sichuan Opera. It was popular among Eastern and Central Sichuan, Chongqing and Guizhou Province, and Yunnan Province. It takes skill and years of practice to be a master at this performing art.

Originally, the secret of the face change was passed down from generation to generation and was only allowed for male members of the family to inherit its secrets. But in modern times, women have adopted and learn the art, which is a good thing. Even Hong Kong actor Andy Lau was allegedly said to have offered USD360,000 in order to learn the techniques! That tells you how skilled and artful the performance is and now you don’t have to fly out to China to see it.

There will also be a Chinese New Year dance that’ll be performed by beautiful women in traditional, red garbs.


Food and cultural activities the whole day…

Meet the God of Prosperity

Bless yourself this CNY by meeting the God of Wealth himself. To those who were born in the Year of the Dog, this is the time to get all the blessings you need for prosperity, wealth and luck in life.

Get a Taste of These Traditional Treats and Candy

What’s a carnival without food, right? That’s why the event has equal amount of choices for food as it has for shows. You can get your hands on treats such as Mochi, Tang Hulu, Dragon Beard candy, and Ting Ting candy to keep your energy running throughout the event.

Clay Art Workshop

Learning a new skill is an important aspect of life. We’re not saying that clay making is one, but you’ll have a fun time either way while being creative with it.

Fortune Reading

“Am I going to find love?”, “Will I own a Ferarri one day?”, and “Does my cat really love me?”  are questions that we often ask ourselves, and you can get those questions answered at the fortune reading booth at the carnival. There’s a 99.8% chance that it’s accurate. We hope.

Chinese Paper Cutting Class

Artsy people will love this one – a traditional Chinese paper cutting class for all. Get first hand lessons on how to make one from pros. You’ll be able to make your own DIY Chinese New Year decoration for years to come! How cool is that?

Game Booth

What’s a carnival without classic carnival-games! From the coin toss, to Ring-a-Bottle and more, you can show your skills off to family and friends who always wonder what is it that you’re good at in life. You’ll get a cool prize if you win them.

This carnival might be the most fun you’ll have for this year, so head to d’Tempat Country Club at Bandar Sri Sendayan on Saturday 24 Feb 2018 with your whole (extended included) family to have a different CNY vibe. You’re welcome.