Cat That Was ‘Arrested’ for Carrying Drugs Has Escaped Sri Lanka’s Maximum Security Jail

source: Evening Standard/ Daily SL

A cat that was held by police for trying to sneak in drugs and phone SIM cards has managed to escape from a Sri Lankan maximum-security prison.

One police officer said the cat was spotted by several intelligence officers last Saturday trying to enter the Welikada prison.

According to the same officer, almost two grams of heroin, two SIM cards and one memory chip were found in a plastic bag tied to the cat’s neck.

source: Evening Standard

Local news outlet Aruna reported that the cat escaped from a room it was locked in at the prison, but authorities declined to comment on the prison’s negligence.

There has been a rise in cases of individuals trying to smuggle in small packets of drugs, mobile phones and chargers into Welikada prison. Most of them are successful because they use unassuming methods such as cat messengers.

Sri Lanka’s war on drugs has been ongoing amid fresh allegations that anti-narcotic detectives were found selling drugs they have seized.

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