“Tetap Slay”: Car Lashes Are The New Surefire Way To Give Your Ride Major Baddie Vibes

source: Amazon

So you’re a car mod enthusiast, but how far will you go to pimp your ride?

Maybe you’re sick of all the mainstream stuff. Maybe you’re looking for something fun. Maybe you want to tap into your feminine side and make your car look like an Instagram baddie…

Or maybe you’re a busy car dude and your car’s your only true companion so you refer to it as ‘she’ or ‘her’ to make up for your lack of a stable relationship (hey, we don’t judge).

Either way, we have some news for you.

The latest car mod fad to go viral on TikTok is something called ‘car lashes’- snap-on, dramatic sets of eyelashes made from flexible aluminium meant to adorn your vehicle’s headlights.

Some online stores offer them in a variety of colours, each set interchangeable, so you’ll never have to worry about getting bored.

This begs the question- why do people apply lashes to their cars? Are there actual potential benefits to this?

@aziekarahman Replying to @lisyaa Yang penting slay baby slay 🤣 itu yang kita mahukan #fyp #foryoupage ♬ original sound – Aziekarahman

Well, according to the comments section of this TikTok clip, it’s simply a way of making sure your car tetap slay, and possibly preventing the vehicles ahead of you from backing up too close.

Even so, despite its tough appearance, the lashes are actually blunt and are pretty unlikely to cause serious harm to cars or persons to come in contact with them. Since they curl forward, they also cause minimal obstruction to the driver’s vision.

Some also come in the form of even softer materials, if you’re into more subtle and fluffy falsies.

@nxz2101car lashes… i’m getting hated on so bad … LOL♬ Super Mario Bros – Main Theme – Game Soundtracks & Video Game Music & The Video Game Music Orchestra

However, some netizens have pointed out that the decor could pose risks to other drivers, especially motorbikes that tend to glide by. Furthermore, users are not given a solid guarantee that the lashes will not negatively impact their cars’ surface, so just like other car mods, this one comes with its pros and cons.

The other downside to this is that it’s unclear whether car lashes are actually allowed by law, and even if they are, it’s probably gonna be a pretty awkward feat explaining it to abang JPJ

Maybe use them for a mini photoshoot so your car can have its five minutes of glam instead?