Buzz Lightyear Gets a Makeover in Pixar’s New ‘Lightyear’ Trailer & The Internet Thinks He Looks Hot

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source: Entertainment Weekly

As zillennials, we are all familiar with Pixar’s arguable magnum opus, the Toy Story saga.

With Woody tugging on our heart strings and Buzz Lightyear encouraging us to go to infinity and beyond, the films have secured a fond place in our hearts.

So, after growing up with these sentient toys in our lives, most of us were thrilled when the spin-off film, Lightyear was announced by Pixar.

But what we were not prepared for was how handsome Buzz Lightyear looks without the purple headgear.

Check him the trailer out below:

Gorgeously animated and beautifully accompanied by the transcendent track by David Bowie, ‘Starman’, the trailer is absolutely stunning and promises some fun space action starring our favourite space ranger.

While the nostalgia should have been the main focus of the trailer, some internet fiends were more captivated by Buzz’s makeover. And since he will be voiced by the gorgeous, Chris Evans, it makes even more sense.

Here are their reactions:

Hair or no hair, Lightyear seems like Pixar’s next best hit and we can’t wait to go on adventures with our old friend again!

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