Armed Trio Binds Victims With Cable Tie On Putrajaya Robbing Spree, Locals Allege Black Magic Use

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After being associated with a burglary and robbery case in Precinct 11 last Wednesday (Sept 14), a group of Indonesian men decided to break into yet another residence in Precinct 9, Putrajaya, at 3.50 a.m. on Monday (Sept 19).

As per Putrajaya District Police Chief Assistant Commissioner A Asmadi Abdul Aziz, the victim, an entrepreneur, was sleeping when he was awakened by the emergence of three Indonesian men wielding machetes and sticks.

source: Facebook

He said that the victim was then bound with a cable tie by one of the perpetrators prior to noticing that they had tied up his parents as well.

“The group was attired in ski masks and equipped with two machetes and a stick. The accused have thieved two bracelets, a necklace, and cash valued at RM5,000,” he told Sinar Harian, adding that the initial investigation determined that the suspects managed to enter the two-story terrace house via the sliding door; after breaking the grill of the gate in front of it to create an entry point.

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According to him, the suspects are the same persons who were involved in a similar incident at a two-story house in Precinct 11, Putrajaya last week, based on the active criminal modus operandi around 2 to 4 a.m.

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“The Putrajaya District Police Headquarters (IPD) is conducting an Integrated Operation in addition to patrols to attempt to locate gangs suspected of being involved in instances in neighbouring districts.

“Residents are reminded to stay vigilant and to properly lock window and sliding doors. Enhance personal security with the use of quality padlocks, lattice doors, CCTV, alarm sensors and always switch on the lights at the back and around the sides of the house,” he said, advising residents to remain caught up on news involving the likes of snatch thievery and burglary to stay aware of such instances.

He also stated that the case was investigated under Penal Code Sections 395/397.

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Based on photos shared on Kelab Info Malaysia’s Facebook page, the residence was left in a disorderly state as the suspects rummaged through the victims’ belongings.

It was also confirmed via a series of text messages that the perpetrators had broken into other homes and tried their luck at every one of the residences within the neighbourhood, saying “be quiet, we’re only after jewellery and cash.”

In line with that, allegations from residents have brought into question numerous other aspects of the crime at hand. Among these claims are suspicions that the men are in fact local and not Indonesian, though reported as such through mass media. The reasoning behind this belief is not known, however, one netizen asserted that “it may be a cover-up”.

Another shocking discussion is the alleged use of black magic employed by the burglars as many questioned how the trio managed to pull off the criminal work with such ease and repetitively at that.

Nevertheless, these remain mere allegations for now and have not been confirmed nor denied by official authorities.