WATCH: Yodelling Kid Sings About The Dangers of Cow Farts & Climate Change for Burger King

(source: Burger King Youtube)

Burger King is staging an intervention with its cows.

According to Nerdist, Burger King enlisted viral yodelling kid, Mason Ramsey for its new country jingle which promotes the fast-food chain’s new Whopper menu item made from lemongrass-fed cows. It claims that this new diet for its cows results in a 33% reduction in methane emissions.

Although the song is funny, Ramsey singing about how cows burp, fart and “splatter” is no laughing matter–livestock are responsible for 14.5% of global greenhouse gases, and cows are the main culprits as they emit a massive amount of methane through their bodily functions.

Put on your cowboy hat and let the yodelling kid school you on cow farts below:

“Since we are part of the problem, we are working to be part of the solution,” a white text overlay reads at the close of the ad, which depicts a carnival-like utopia.

While this climate-conscious meat will not be available in Malaysia, the brand has already started selling the new Whoppers at select locations in Miami, New York City, Austin, Portland and Los Angeles.

Besides this music video, Burger King’s new campaign explains the role the brand plays in contributing to climate change and how it’s taking tangible steps on its own to reduce the amount of methane released by their cows.

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