Netizens Support myBurgerLab For Upholding SOP After Confronted by Unhappy Customer on Social Media

( Source : myburgerlab on Facebook)

According to The News Straits Times, eateries and restaurants are allowed to operate at full dining capacity during the RMCO, making it a breath of fresh air for all individuals after all the take out meals during the MCO.

Although this might be a sign of relief for food operators, keeping the business alive is still tough especially when dealing with certain customers that do not adhere to certain SOP’s like social distancing and wearing a mask.

Recently local burger joint, myBurgerLab caught the attention of netizens after the eatery voiced out its opinions and posted screenshots of a Messenger conversation with a customer who was unhappy about the restaurant social distancing families that live together when they came to dine in.

The enraged customer whose name was censored, was upset because his family had to sit at separate tables due to the restaurant’s SOPs. His argument was, that because his family stays together, they should not be forced to social distance themselves while dining there.

The customer also claimed that he owns a company with 500 employees and is fully aware and respectful of the SOP to prevent the spread of Covid-19, but did not agree with myBurgerLab’s rules which he called “illogical” and “senseless”.

In response to the unsatisfied customer, myBurgerLab wrote a lengthy post on Facebook claiming that this has been one out of the many complaints that they’ve had received. They stated in the same post that they have been accused of being misinformed and uneducated while their workers have been scolded and yelled at for just doing their job.

( Source : myburgerlab on Facebook)

Regarding the unsatisfied customer earlier, they also agreed that if a family can stay together and travel together, logically, they can sit together, but as much as that is true the rule of law currently does not exempt restaurants from being held accountable and fined for breaking the SOP.

MyBurgerLab also shared that they have been trying to stay afloat financially, thus the last thing they need was to risk potential closure of their restaurants for 7 days and their customers to be fined RM1,000 even though the current SOP now does not limit 4 people to sit at a table as reported by The Star.

The post on Facebook has garnered at least over 3,000 likes with netizens praising and supporting myBurgerLab for taking extra precautions to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

(Source: myBurgerLab on Facebook)
(Source : myBurgerLab at Facebook)

It’s still going to be a while until our lives return to normal again but ’til then, Malaysians should remain vigilant. Or as myBurgerLab puts it, “The road ahead is long and arduous. We just wanna come out of it alive and safe together with you. We all have a responsibility to keep each other safe. So let’s not make it any more difficult than it already is.”

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