Brother & Sister Sell 30 Musang King Pizzas Baked From Wood Stove Daily For RM12 to RM20

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Source: Bernama

As Malaysians, we all have a special place for the king of fruits in our hearts, some might even say you’re not truly a Malaysian if you haven’t tasted one.

The most famous variant of durian is the Musang King which is known to be the most delicious and expensive.

41-year-old Nur Hanani Ismail and her brother, 33-year-old Ahmad Najib Ismail, had the idea to spice up the pizza game by using Musang King as a topping and selling them at an affordable price.

Combined with cheese, the smell of the delicious pizza from the wood stove just proves it’s tasty said Nur Hanani.

Speaking to Bernama, Hanani said, “We started making pizza with Musang King durian topping since last year, but only when the fruit is in season. It is an expensive fruit and many cannot afford it. So we hope that with this Musang King pizza, our customers can get to taste this expensive fruit.”

Source: Bernama

They get the supply of their durian in paste form from a factory in Raub, Pahang for RM100 a kilogramme.

Instead of using a conventional oven to bake the pizza, Hanani opted for the wood stove.

“The pizza is baked in it for one to two minutes, unlike in a conventional oven which takes 6 to 10 minutes. Baking the pizza in an oven that uses a wood stove also made the bread softer and tastier,” she said.

She had the idea to use the wood stove after seeing a pizza place in Jerantut, Pahang using a wood stove on a train-backpacking trip with friends to Dabong, Kelantan.

Source: Bernama

“When I returned home, I immediately started the process of making this wood stove. Only certain wood can be used to make the fire for the stove, like from rambutan tree, the duku tree and guava tree, to get the desired aroma and ensure a tastier pizza,” she said.

A Master’s degree holder in Environmental Science from Universiti Putra Malaysia, Hanani said the responses she has received for her Musang King pizza have been positive with 30 pieces sold daily for RM12 a whole pizza (regular size) and RM20 for the large size.

Hanani added that she joined her brother a few years after he started a pizza business from home back in 2012. They now share a few pizza kiosks together and have six employees.