Brazilian Fanboy Tattoos Siti Nurhaliza’s Face & Name On His Arm

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There are fans, and then there are fans. Sure, you might consider getting your favourite artiste’s album artwork on your body or or line of lyrics down your collarbone, but would you dare get Datuk Siti Nurhaliza’s face permanently etched on your arm? According to Astro Awani, this Brazilian man sure did and he’s completely in love with it.

As Malaysians, we all know Datuk Siti Nurhaliza is Beyoncé-level here. It doesn’t matter if she’s singing in Malay, her singing transcends language and nationality. Her beautiful voice has attracted fans from all over the world. It’s no wonder this man became an instant Sitizoner (what Siti fans call themselves these days).

In conjunction with Siti’s 39th birthday, Pedro Tapajós, 47, who resides in the country’s capital Brasilia uploaded a photograph of his tattoo on Twitter last week. He wished the songstress a “Happy Birthday” and included a sweet message too.

Obviously, it caught Siti’s attention and she shared the picture on her Instagram with the caption “tq for being my fan.. please come and visit Malaysia sometime”. Pedro was excited and received many positive comments from our local Sitizoners too.

In an interview with Malaysian Digest, Pedro explained how he started listening to Siti’s songs since 1999.

Apparently, the song ‘Kesilapanku, Keegoanmu’ (1997) by Siti, helped him deal with his depression and regain his happiness in life.

“At that time, I was very sad and I needed music to comfort me. I searched for some songs in the now-defunct music platform Audiogalaxy, and that was how I came across the name Siti Nurhaliza for the first time.

“It was strangely inviting, the title of the song had two words that started with the letter K. I clicked and immediately fell in love with the voice,” he continued.

From then on, Pedro listened to more tracks by her and became an avid fan for 19 years. He finally decided to honour her by tattoo-ing her face and name on his upper arm. Pedro is planning to visit Malaysia in January 2019, and just like any other fan, he hopes to see his long-distance idol performing live in the future.

Another fun fact is that Pedro also works as a DJ and had made it a point to include ‘Ku Milikmu’ in his repertoire, making it a local hit in his clubs and parties. Imagine that!

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