Boy Gets Ambushed, Slapped & Pushed by Bullies While Riding Bicycle to Sell Food

source: Twitter

Bullying is nothing new. You probably knew a bully back in your smelly school days or worse, you were the one picking on others. However, it’s just weird how it still occurs today at the height of civilisation and TikTok. There will never be a situation where bullying can be justified.

A video shared on social media recently went viral, showing a poor boy being ambushed, shoved, slapped and taunted by a group of bullies who, stupidly enough recorded the whole thing. The incident took place in Indonesia. The video has been shared over 186,000 times.

In the video, you could see the boy just minding his own business, riding away on his bike to sell food before getting jumped by a bully from behind a hedge. The sudden ambush startles the boy who loses his balance and falls down. The bullies quickly take his bike away while laughing at him mercilessly as the victim tries to get back up.

The gang of bullies don’t seem to be bothered seeing the helpless victim. In another video posted by them, they can be seen sitting on their motorbikes, laughing at the boy.

After getting back up, the boy seems to have had enough and retaliates by trying to bend one of the bullies’ motorbike number plate. However, the bully just slaps him and shoves the boy back on the ground.

Netizens were furious in the post’s comment section, disgusted with the bullies’ awful actions. Ironically, thanks to the video that went viral, authorities have managed to track down the perpetrators and detain them.

source: Indozone

“Because the video went viral, that’s why many residents including the victim’s family came to Mako. So we asked that the perpetrators be taken to Pangkep Regional Police Station for further processing,” said the Ma’arang local chief to Indonesian media.

We hope the bullies will learn their lesson, and if not, some time in juvie would do them good. If you see an act of hatred happening in front you, stand up for those who can’t. End the cycle.

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