15-Year-Old Student Attacks Teacher With Broom & Threatens To Kill Her For Cutting His Hair

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Widely acclaimed as our ‘crowning glory’, hair plays a key role in terms of confidence and aesthetic value. However, as a student obligated to adapt to school rules, one may face quite a few obstacles when it comes to obtaining their ideal hair cut.

One such case brought physical harm to a disciplinary teacher who was assaulted by a 15-year-old secondary school student hailing from SMK Bukit Sentosa 2 in Rawang, after she had cut his hair.

According to Hulu Selangor police chief Superintendent Arshad Kamaruddin, the 52-year-old teacher filed a report at the Bukit Sentosa police station at 3.14 pm yesterday.

source: PDRM

“Around noon on the day of the incident, the teacher was informed that there was a male student who was sporting long hair. She then proceeded to find him and give his hair a trim.

“This enraged the student, who assaulted the teacher with a broomstick and injured her left eye,” he said today, as reported by NST. In addition to assaulting the teacher, police also believe that the student had threatened to murder her.

As per Arshad, the student was later detained in his own home where a drug test was performed on the teen in accordance with procedure, and the findings were negative. He has been placed in custody until August 5 to allow for further investigation.

The case is being probed under Penal Code Sections 324 and 506 for voluntarily causing harm with dangerous weapons, as well as criminal intimidation.

In early June, a concerned mother expressed her discontentment on Facebook after a teacher cut her son’s hair. While no reason was provided for the punishment, it is probable that it was also the consequence of a spontaneous hair spot-check.

The boy’s before and after photos were disclosed in the now-deleted post to illustrate the severity of the punishment, which was apparently so extreme that the boy refused to leave his room to eat.

She continued by claiming that the teacher had caused such extensive harm to her child’s hair that the only solution was for him to go bald. Due to embarrassment, the youngster spent hours hiding in the school’s cubicle before returning home.

The mother then messaged the disciplinary teacher, imploring him to recover her son’s integrity as a school prefect.

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