Man Allegedly Heading Thai Masseuse Syndicate Among 28 Arrested By Immigration Department In Johor

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Image via National Today for illustration purposes only

A man accused of being the kingpin of a syndicate bringing in Thai masseuses was one of 28 people arrested by the Immigration Department during a three-day procedure from July 21 to July 23 in the Johor Bahru area.

Datuk Seri Khairul Dzaimee Daud, director-general of immigration, said the man, in his 40s, was apprehended in a Proton Saga car he was navigating, with four Thai women who lacked valid documentation on board.

Khairul explained that the women were presumed to be on their way back to Thailand via an illegal route.

“All were arrested, including the syndicate’s schemer. In addition to the arrest, the team raided the mastermind’s residence and seized a few documents pertaining to the syndicate’s operations, that provided foreign massage therapists to reflexology centres and spa services in Johor Bahru and southern areas of the country,” he said in a statement yesterday, as reported by Daily Reformer.

source: The Vibes

As per Khairul, immigration agents had conducted two more incursions on massage centres and spas in Johor Bahru’s Taman Austin and Taman Abad that were alleged to be connected to the syndicate.

“As an outcome of the raid on the two premises, we arrested 18 women, 3 Thai men working as masseuses, and 2 local men who were the premises’ caretakers. All 28 people arrested in this series of operations are between the ages of 20 and 52,” he said.

He also stated that the syndicate’s method of operation would be to bring in Thai massage therapists through social visit passes, and that the syndicate was also engaging in morally reprehensible activities in addition to massages, which netizens have speculated are sexually exploitative in nature.

source: The Vibes

It was also reported that the syndicate charges between RM1,300 and RM1,500 for each massage therapist it manages and is expected to earn a profit of up to RM30,000 per month, while massage centre owners can accrue approximately RM50,000 per month.

All detainees have been transferred to the Setia Tropika Immigration Office in Johor Bahru for further processing.