This 38-Second Drone Shot Offers A Bird’s-Eye View Of What Lies Above Batu Caves’ 272 Steps

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source: EdgeProp

For some, ascending the mighty, colourful 272-step staircase at the Batu Caves temple is an annual affair, while for most tourists, braving the climb just once births enough marvel to last a lifetime.

Nevertheless, there’s also the question of those who are unable to witness the breathtaking sight of the temples and cave structures that sit atop the flight of steps, for a handful of possible reasons.

While a drone clip may be a close second to experiencing all of this firsthand, this short recording just about captures the beauty of it all, without the need to tire your legs and beat the crowd:

@siva_wwc6Cave tour in 38sec.♬ original sound –

Watch here if the video doesn’t load.

Gliding seamlessly past the steps and through the open temples on the upper level, the clip has us feeling like one of those bats roaming the cave ourselves. How else would we be able to catch such a wide glimpse of the area?

Also, kudos to the person navigating the drone, because flying it through the tiny openings between the temple walls can’t be an easy feat.

With almost 56,000 likes to date, netizens seem to agree that the recording offers a whole new angle on what one would expect to see at the top of the prominent temple.

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