Bang For Your Buck? JUICE Tries Out Sex Toys of Different Price Ranges From Local Sex Toy Shop, Erosu

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by JUICE Illustrator, Safa Azul

There’s a serious gap in acceptance and openness when it comes to masturbation in Malaysia.

While it’s common for men to talk about busting a nut to random waifus from anime and Genshin Impact, there seems to be an underlying outlook of disgust and embarrassment when women express that same need for self-satiation.

Of course, when women are unable to even discuss their vaginas online without being criticised by the public, how are we able to talk about self-pleasure without being viewed as sexual objects?


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In reality, masturbation is normal and healthy and women should be able to enjoy themselves sexually without being tied to the archaic archetype of child bearers.

Sometimes, girls just want to have fun and that’s more than okay!

Erosu Malaysia is a local sex positive platform that aims to empower and educate women on this exact topic while being a sex toy shop that provides us with the tools to practice.

They also claim that masturbation knows no gender and everyone should be able to feel good without discrimination.

Since JUICE is of the same mindset, we decided to try out three different sex toys of different price ranges from Erosu in hopes that our readers can let loose and pick a toy suited to their preference.

Without further ado, here are our thoughts on Erosu’s Nigel, G Wave and Lelo Sona 2. 

One Size Hits All: Nigel (RM69)


This beginner-friendly, silicone, waterproof vibrator might seem a little too vanilla for you, but boy it packs a punch.

When I first tried it out I thought it was just your average Joe but this thing has 30 different vibration settings on it – more than enough to make your legs shake, toes curl, and lose all sense of reality.


It’s advertised to be penetrable as well but I didn’t even need it; 7 minutes in heaven with Nigel already got me to my first climax, better and faster than any man’s fingers.

But if speed isn’t your thing, just switch up the vibration settings and savour the edging. A few of the settings are randomised so you never know what’s coming, the tease is unreal.

by JUICE Illustrator, Safa Azul

Don’t mistake it for just purely self pleasure, though. You and your partner could easily incorporate Nigel into your sex lives, its like a threesome but without any awkward pillow talk (totally not speaking from personal experience).

I don’t exactly know what the battery life is, but here’s my shameless testimony – I’ve charged it once, used it every night since I got it a week ago, and it still hasn’t died on me.

Say goodbye to your shower head, hair brush handle, or lipstick (girls, iykyk). All in all, Nigel’s a great and affordable option for everyone – it’s easy to use, gets the job done, and it’s pretty!

Invariably orgasmic: The Wellness G Wave (RM175)


Just like a rabbit-style vibrator, there are two points of vibration for simultaneous clitoral and G-spot sensation.

The difference with the Wellness G Wave is that you can actually enjoy penetrating the concave curve without hurting or stumping your bean while thrusting. If you’ve used a basic rabbit vibrator before, then you definitely know what I’m talking about ’cause damn, it could hurt. Blush Wellness G Wave - Ergonomic Rabbit Vibrator - Rechargeable - 7 Vibrating Modes - 2 Motors - Ultrasilk Smooth Platinum Puria Silicone - Waterproof - Long Clitoral Stimulator Sex Toy for Women : Health & Household
source: Amazon

It has seven powerful vibrating functions that you can play with and of course, the silicone is waterproof, satiny smooth and phthalate-free. That means you could actually keep it for years and years without being worried about any damage – only the highest of quality for the Queen aka our vaginas.

Not to mention, it’s versatile for any position you and your partner enjoy so its perfect for experimenting.

by JUICE Illustrator, Safa Azul

While it’s great to enjoy alone, you can even use it with a partner. TMI but the handle makes it easy to use in any position and you can even give your partners’ balls a lil bur-bur when they hit you from the back.

Yes, everything is shaking and everyone is rolling their eyes as it is invariably orgasmic.

Not for the faint of clit: LELO SONA 2 (RM419)

Ever since the Lelo Sona 2 came (no pun intended) into my life, I have since reached a new plane of existence.

Dark skies have parted to give way to warm rays of sunlight, greenery has begun to sprout in my vicinity with every step, colours appear more vibrant and life has just taken on a deeper, more poetic meaning – all thanks to the big O provided by this vibrator.

Sona 2 Cruise Review - The new Lelo Cruise Control stimulator
source: 69 Desirs

Lelo Sona 2 is the new and improved sister of the original Sona, which is a well-known bestseller on its own.

It uses sonic waves to pulsate your entire clitoris and it is said to give an intense clitoral stimulation – hence why I believe that it is not for the faint of clit.

For long-time vibrator users who want to up the ante, the Sona 2 will definitely provide a stronger vibration but for beginners, it is crucial to tread lightly since even the lowest setting is enough to reach your peak.

While the Sona 2 has definitely excelled in its performance, it also excels in its design and portability.

I once showed it to a friend and they remarked with, “Wow! Where did you get your new vape?”

It’s sleek with its gold plating, tiny since it’s the size of my palm and pleasurable to the touch due to its silicone coating. It has 12 modes and only takes 2 hours to fully charge while being compatible with hybrid and water-based lubes.

Overall, it’s a miracle worker that fits in your purse.

by JUICE Illustrator, Safa Azul

But enough about the product itself since I’m sure you’re curious about the orgasm I got from this vibrator. Most people deem it as a leg-shaking experience but personally, my entire body was shaken to its core.

On a scale of Broga Hill to Gunung Kinabalu, I’d say the climax resembles stabbing a flag into the top of Mount Everest – a difficult feat yet achievable but unlike climbing a mountain, you don’t need skill to reach your peak, you just need the Lelo Sona 2.


If you’re interested in a good time – no company required – check out Erosu Malaysia’s full catalogue here.

For more educational and sex positive content, follow Erosu Malaysia on Instagram.

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