Find Out Where You’re Voting at for GE14

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pic source: Free Malaysia Today

Malaysians voting at the upcoming GE14 can check their allocated locations for casting their ballots.

You can check your details simply by submitting your IC number at the Election Committee website here. For the most of us, it’s going to be back to school (see pic above but don’t get discouraged by the line, it’s pretty smooth and doesn’t take too long).

You can also check your voting station via:

– the MySPR Semak mobile app (available on the Apple App Store and Google Play)
–  call 03-8892 7018
– send an SMS to 15888

Nomination date, when the candidates we’re voting for will be revealed, is on April 28.

The candidates then have until May 9 to campaign. May 9, which has been declared a holiday, is the official voting date for Malaysia’s GE14, while early voting for those who are is on May 5.

The polling date for GE14 on is May 9, nomination date is on April 28, while early voting for military, ambassadors, and Malaysians who aren’t in Malaysia is on May 5.

And if you’re still asking yourself why should you vote, please read this.


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